Quick Start

Check the included demo scene to see all of this in action!

Adding the UI prefabs

Navigate to menu GameObject/Northstar/Create Window dock the window wherever you'd like.
Click any of the buttons to add a Navigation Bar, Compass, or Radar to your scene. There can be only one Navigation Bar, and only one Compass or Radar, but the common settings will copy as you replace them. Try out all the demo ones, or create your own Navigation Bar or create your own Compass/Radar!

Set Objects to be Tracked

Some objects are children of the UI prefabs, and are "always on" unless you actively turn them off. Other objects are tracked, but come and go throughout the game play, such as enemies, objects, etc.

Compass/Radar Icons

Children of the Compass / Radar prefabs will have a Compass Icon component on them. If you select the Compass / Radar object, you'll find them listed under "Preset Objects". You can manage their settings here.

Tracked Objects

View the "Demo Wolf" in the demo scene for an example. Objects can be tracked in two ways, and can have one, or both of the Tracked Target Overlay and Tracked Target Compass Radar components.
These will only take effect if you also have a Screen Overlay (Tracked Target Overlay) or Compass/Radar (Tracked Target Compass Radar) object in your scene.
Add these components to any object you'd like to track. The default settings for each system will be used, so go ahead press play to see the result before you customize things!