Game Modules Overview

The Infinity PBR Game Modules 4 is a flexible data creation and management system which lets you create the game you want to make, while helping solve some of the more challenging development hurdles. Intended to be used by developers with moderate or greater knowledge of C# and development in Unity, making full use of the modules will require some scripting.
In short, Game Modules 4 makes it eaiser to create, store, and use data, with systems and objects which can be used in myriad ways to solve myriad problems, and most often work automatically at runtime, so you can focus on your game.
Important: How you use the data is entirely up to you, and will depend on your project. Many modules can be used in various ways to create novel systems for your project. These modules will not dictate how your game operates, rather they are easy and fast ways to create and organize data you will use in your game.