The Items module helps you create, organize, and populate items for your project. While intended to be mainly used for items (think weapons, items that can be picked up, quest objects, etc), it is possible to use the Items module in other creative ways.
The base is the Item Object which is a "thing" that can be either physical (i.e. works with the Inventory module) or something else. It can affect Stats directly, and can hold unlimited Item Attributes which are description/modifiers to Item Objects and can also affect Stats.
Integrate with the Stats module to allow Item Objects and Item Attributes to modify the stats values you've set up automatically. Use the Dictionaries module to add unlimited key/value pairs to your data from a variety of types.
The scripts are fairly simple and straightforward and while it can be used with our other modules, this is a great addition to any project which needs a simple yet powerful Items system.
Item Object and Item Attribute objects are Scriptable Objects which hold your data, and can be easily managed in the Inspector. Game Item Object objects are run-time and serializable, and are used in the game itself, referencing back to Item Object and Item Attribute data, but also maintaining their unique, and mutable properties.
November 21, 2021 -- This video will be updated, it is out of date with the new version coming out soon