Don't Get Poisoned

This quest should be easy... just don't get poisoned within a certain amount of time! Of course, you can click the button to fail the quest on purpose.

Quest Details

This quest belongs to all four invididual members of the party. Each one can succeed or fail independently of the rest. It requires the player avoid getting the "Poison" condition for a short period of time. If they don't get the condition, the quest will automatically succeed. If they do get the condition, it will instantly fail.
This is to demonstrate a few things. First, how a Quest can be applied to multiple party members at once, and affect each independntly of the others and of the "party quests". It also demonstrates the time limit, which is an option for any Quest. Finally, it demonstrates how a Quest Condition can cause the Quest to fail.
In the demo, I wanted to showcase how to get data from a GameConditionsList into the Quest system. As the failure is only that the character "gets poisoned", another way of achieving this is to simply post to the Blackboard the same topic, with the subject "Got Poisoned".
With "Has End Time" toggled true, the Time Limit and On Expiration options are available. I have set the Time Limit to 3, which is "Three in-game minutes". If you're using the Gametime module, you'll just pass the Now() value into the system, so it knows what time it is. Otherwise you'll need to handle your own time keeping.
When the time runs out, three outcomes are available. Remove means the quest will simply be removed from the list. It will not succeed or fail.
If Succeed or Fail are selected, all of the QuestStep steps will be marked accordingly, and their canRevert value will be set false. This is to ensure they do not accidentlly revert back.
If Auto Succeed or Auto Fail are on, and that outcome has occurred, then they will automatically complete one way or the other. If the outcome is not set to automatically complete, then it will be up to you to manually call the CompleteQuest() method when you would like.
"Query Every Frame" is off, which means the QuestCondition will not check the GameConditionList every frame, and will only check if you call it manually, or if the GameQuest receives a notification from the Blackboard.
In the demo, when a character is given poison, a call to update the BlackboardNote is sent, which also sends a notification. This triggers the Quest to check its status, which will cause it to fail. Since the "Auto Fail" option is true, as soon as a single QuestStep fails, the entire quest will fail.
, "Conditions"
, player.conditions);