Game Module "Lists"

Most Game Module types (Stat, Condition, Quest, etc) have "List" objects, such as GameStatList, GameConditionList, and so on. Some will have unique methods, but all will have common methods that handle the same operations, but specific to their type.
Each subsection of this topic shows the common methods that each Game Module List has, such as Get() or Count(), along with all of the variations of those shared methods.
Each subsection will then show the methods that are unique to each Game Module type.
The common methods can be found in GameModuleListExtensions.cs
Some methods which all Game Module Lists have, such as SetOwner, require a different type, depending on the list. For example, in GameStatList and GameItemObjectList, the method SetOwner() takes in a IHaveStats value.
However, the same method in GameConditionsList takes in a IHaveConditions value, and the same method in GameQuestList takes in a IHaveQuests value.
You can cast your Actor or other class which implements various "IHave" interfaces like this:
// Assumes this is run on the Actor who implements IHaveStats etc
public void SetOwner()