Northstar Screen Overlay

The Northstar Screen Overlay object handles the Screen Overlay and Edge Overlay systems. The Navigation Bar, if being used, is a child of the Northstar Screen Overlay object, which itself is a child in your Canvas.
Be sure to add a Tracked Target Overlay component to any object you'd like to track using the Screen Overlay, Edge Overlay, or Navigation Bar!
You can add a Northstar Screen Overlay to your scene from the Northstar Menu. It is also added automatically when a Navigation Bar is added from that menu.
You must assign the Camera to use, generally the player camera.
You should also assign a default Overlay Icon, and a default Northstar Overlay Settings object. Individual tracked objects may override the default icon and the values in the Northstar Overlay Settings.
You can enable or disable the three systems handled by the Northstar Screen Overlay.
If the Navigation Bar is enabled, you must populate the object. This should be handled automatically when you bring the Navigation Bar into the scene from the Northstar Menu.
Remember, individual objects can override the enablement of the systems. Even if one of the systems is disabled on this component, individual objects can enable the system just for themselves.

Additional Details

Check each section below for additional details on the systems, and key concepts such as Types and the ability to Override Values, both via settings at edit time, and actively during runtime.