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Repositories has gotten better! The followoing Repository Prefabs can be removed from your scenes:
  • Conditions Repository
  • ItemAttribute Repository
  • ItemOjbect Repository
  • Loot Box Repository
  • Quest Repository
  • Stats Repository
A new Scriptable Object, which does NOT need to be in the scene, has been added to replace the "Repository" functionality: GameModuleRepository
This will be automatically created in Assets/Game Module Objects/Resources/ and auto-populated. See the Repository docs for more.
The Blackboard prefab, which is still required in scenes, now has a ModulesHelper class on it, which handles the Monobehaviour aspects that were previously handled by individual repositories.
If you have a custom Quest Reward Handler, please add it to the Blackboard prefab -- it must be on the same object as ModulesHelper.
The methods on the previous repositories have been marked obsolete, with references to the replacement methods. Few, if any, errors should occur, until you remove the repository prefabs. They will be removed from Game Modules 4 in a future update.


There are new repositories for the new modules in Game Modules 4, and all have been moved to a new location: Assets/InfinityPBR/---Game Modules/_Repository Prefabs
The Items Repository is deprecated, and will be removed in a future update. It has been replaced with the ItemObject Repository and ItemAttribute Repository.