Set Affected Stats Dirty

Generally you would not call these directly.
There are few methods which will ensure all stats which this GameItemAttributeList affects are marked as dirty, meaning they'll recompute their final value.
// Call this to set all stats which any GameItemAttribute on this list affects to
// automatically recompute.
public void SetDirty() => SetAffectedStatsDirty();
// SetDirty all the stats on the Owner which are affected by the gameItemObject
public void SetAffectedStatsDirty(GameItemObject gameItemObject)
// If you'd like, you can override this to add custom functionality. Generally this
// is not something I'd expect you to do.
public override void SetAffectedStatsDirty(IAmGameModuleObject gameModuleObject)
// The Stat objects in the statList provided, or if none is provided, the
// DirectlyAffectsList, will be set dirty on the Owner of this list, if the owner
// has the Stat.
public void SetAffectedStatsDirty(List<Stat> statList = null)
// Returns a List<Stat> of all stats which this list affect.
public List<Stat> DirectlyAffectsList(Stat stat = null)

Modification Levels

Each GameItemObject has a ModificationLevel, which dictates how it affects Stats.
// Get a List<ModificationLevel> of all the modification levels on each
// GameItemObject in this list
public List<ModificationLevel> ModificationLevels