Manage Item Objects

This button is at the top of the Inspector when viewing any ItemObject
Selecting this button will open an Editor window with additional options which affect all Item Objects of the same objectType.
Not all ItemObject options can be bulk-edited, but many can.
Allowed Item Attributes
Here you can quickly see the various Item Attribute types and objects, and whether none, all, or some of the Item Objects have them available. The Remove and Add buttons will affect ALL of the Item Objects of this objectType.
This may make it easier to quickly ensure that the right ItemObjects have the right ItemAttributes available to them.
You can't remove an ItemAttribute if it's being used as a Starting Item Attribute or Item Attribute Variable. You can still add those to the Allowed Item Attributes however.
This panel will let you quickly edit all of the optional values used with the drag-and-drop Inventory system. This may be easier than selecting each one individually.
Optionally toggle to show string values as a Text Box
Here you can set up the Dictionaries keys available for all Item Objects of a specific objectType. Values can be set individually on each Item Object.