Item Attribute Variables

Variables is a powerful feature for GameItemObjects to track values, and optionally update ItemAttributes.
Add a variable with the "Add" button.
By default, the value of this variable is a float between 0f and 1f.
Toggle on "Use Curve" to provide a curve with which to modify the RangeValue. Without a curve, the RangeValue will always be the same as the Value. In the example below, the Value is 0.5f, but the RangeValue is 0.75f.
You can customize the Min and Max values as well. Keep in mind that RangeValue will always be at 0f when the Value is at Min, and 1f when the Value is at Max.
In this example, the Min is 10, Max 100 and Value is 50. RangeValue is computed based on the Min, Max, and Value.
You can also add one type of ItemAttributes as "Variable Attributes". The ItemAttributes of this objectType will be automatically added and removed based on the RangeValue. Based on the values set below, the "New" ItemAttribute would be added. The active one will be highlighted in green.