Timeboard is an object and class which combines Gametime with a Blackboard. It it used automatically by other Game Module systems, and can be used in your project as well.
Timeboard automatically saves when the Save and Load module is used.
Bring the Timeboard prefab into your scene. You can access Timeboard and Gametime with a static reference at the top of your scripts.
using static InfinityPBR.Modules.Timeboard;


// Subscribe to the Timeboard blackboard (implement IFollowBlackboard to follow
// the blackboard:
// Timeboard.timeboard.Blackboard.Subscribe(this);
public Blackboard Blackboard
// Access Gametime:
// Timeboard.timeboard.gametime
public Gametime gametime
// This is set to Time.time on Update(), so all Game Module systems can agree
// on the time. Otherwise, each script will run at a slightly different Time.time
public float FrameTime


// Returns a two-digit number from a one digit value
public string ParseTwoDigitNumber(int value)