The Dictionaries module adds serializable dictionary-like functionality to your project. Essentially a class that acts a bit like a dictionary, but is not, including key/value pairs and helper methods.
The scripts are fairly simple and straightforward and while it can be used with our other modules, this is a great addition to any project which needs serializable key/value pair functionality.
If you are migrating from an earlier Game Modules version to Game Modules 4, check the page on Dictionaries migration tips!
The Dictionaries class currently supports the following types:
  • int
  • float
  • bool
  • Texture2D
  • Sprite
  • AnimationClip
  • AudioClip
  • Vector2
  • Vector3
  • Vector4
  • Color
  • Prefab (Can hold game objects other than prefabs as well)
It also supports these Game Modules types:
  • Stat
  • ItemObject
  • ItemAttribute
  • Quest
  • QuestCondition
  • QuestReward
  • Condition
  • LootBox
  • LootItems